May 08, 2006

Sweet revenge?

I often avoid anything that smacks of a conspiracy theory involving Israel even it looks plausible. There are so many theories involving the super-human efficacy of the Mossad that even when they appear true they're best avoided. I saw a reputable journalist in an Israeli paper saying that Israel poisoned Arafat but I either avoided it or buried in a post on something else. But this has appeared in the Daily Telegraph and whilst it has come a long way since its former owner, Conrad Black, got nicked, isn't given to conspiracy theories against Israel.
Israel's secret service used poisoned chocolate to kill a Palestinian wanted for plane hijackings, it was claimed yesterday.

Wadia Haddad, a terrorist with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, had been suspected of several hijackings, including the 1976 seizure of an airliner at Entebbe, Uganda.

A new book claims Mossad plied the 140kg Haddad -- who had a weakness for chocolate -- with poisoned Belgian sweets for six months in the late 1970s.
The book is called Striking Back, by Aaron J Klein. Israel always strikes back, never first.

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