May 14, 2006

Will Menzies Campbell become a patron of the Jewish National Fund?

As blogged by Osama Saeed at the Rolled Uop Trousers blog, Ming Campbell has had his Jenny Tonge moment. That's when a "Liberal Democratic" leader publicly executes one of his leading members to appease the zionist movement. This time it was MEP, Chris Davies. I received a lot of correspondence on this while it was unfolding but I was focusing on something else at the time so here's Osama, who himself apologises for being Osama come lately:
Apologies for coming onto this one a bit late, but the resignation of Chris Davies, Lib Dem leader in the European Parliament, needs a mention.

He went apparently for telling an email corespondent to enjoy "wallowing in her own filth" in a second email. The original conversation before it degenerated was about his comparison of the treatment of Palestinians today to the Nazi Holocaust.

Following this, Menzies Campbell deemed he should resign his position. There seems to be a discrepancy in the reasons though. According to Davies it was about the email:

"I apologise for the language and tone of my email, which was unacceptable and without justification. I should never have used the words I did in the email.

Ming though apologised to the whole Jewish community:

"I deeply regret the offence his remarks have caused to the Jewish community."

Granted, the "wallowing" comment may have been upsetting to the lady it was addressed to. But it cannot have affected all Jews. What Campbell is thus saying is that the resigning issue for Davies is his comments on the situation of the Palestinians.

Campbell clarified matters in comments to the Jewish News who brought forward the whole issue:

“The comparison of the experience of the Palestinians under occupation to the experience of the Holocaust is unfounded and is not a view shared by my party.”

He adds: “I do not believe that the actions of the Israeli state in the Palestinian territories are motivated by racism. I can understand the profound insecurity caused by terrorist attacks on civilians and the desire to prevent such attacks with a security wall.”

So he also voluntarily defends the "security wall". And pro-Israelis worried that Campbell was an "Arabist" when he was elected.

Charles Kennedy never recovered amongst pro-Palestinians after he sacked Jenny Tonge. Chris Davies comments are pale in comparison to that episode. Have the Lib Dems no spine at all?

Er, no is the answer to that. Look out for reports that Menzies Campbell has followed Charles Kennedy, David Cameron and Tony Blair to become a patron of the Jewish National Fund.

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