April 03, 2009

It's that man Lerman again

Yes, it's the man Engage loves to hate, Antony Lerman, with a Comment is free piece on that cartoon with the brainless Israeli soldier marching towards a cowering (but not cowed) Gaza. Provocative headline:
Antisemitic, or just offensive?

Complaints of antisemitism made against a recent cartoon simply confuse the issue and devalue the term

Goodness, denying that something's antisemitic when it has already been declared such by the ADL. Now that's provocative. And "devalue the term"? I think you might be locking the stable door after the horse has bolted there, Mr Lerman.

It first appeared yesterday at one in the afternoon and it has 282 comments. I mentioned the Zionist Federation in the previous post. I suspect that some of their people, or at least one, are quite busy having comments removed from Cif but give it a go if you think Lerman needs a bit of support.

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