May 31, 2010

Plot sickens as the hasbara effort kicks off

The hasbara machine is running on empty but it's running all the same.

Ynet seems to be the leader with a ludicrous claim that the Israeli commandos were ambushed. I kid you not. Here's the headline: A brutal ambush at sea. Yes, they are claiming that people on boats ambushed their men in helicopters.

The Guardian is riding the two horses of being a newspaper of record whilst doing what it can for the zio war criminals. It seems to have wound down its minute by minute updates and the comments to them are closed but the bullet points to the article are now as follows:
• IDF says footage shows activists attacked troops
• Thousands protest in cities around the world
• Binyamin Netanyahu cancels White House trip
• Turkey recalls ambassador from Israel
Note how the first bullet point contains a link to a zio propaganda video but none of the other bullet points contain links at all.

The BBC is helping Israel all it can too by giving more prominence to Israeli versions of events than any others but it too has an issue with the medium of record problem.

But by and large this latest atrocity by Israel has the
hasbara brigade in open panic as a glance at the comments at Harry's Place shows.

And no one is really fooled by hasbara any more. Certainly not this guy.

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