March 09, 2013

Ed Miliband supports Jewish supremacy in occupied Palestine

No surprise there but it's a pity it's not considered controversial for the leader of the UK's Labour Party to be so open about support for colonial settlement, ethnic cleansing and segregationist laws.

Here's the Jewish Chronicle.  I'm sifting through an article for the bits that are about Israel or where antisemitism is conflated with anything regarding opposition to Israel:
Speaking at a Board of Deputies event the Labour leader said he was opposed to boycotts of Israel and warned of the need to be “ever-vigilant”against antisemitism.
I don't see what being "opposed to boycotts of Israel" and being ""ever-vigilant" against antisemitism" have to do with each other. In fact suggesting that boycotting Israel amounts to antisemitism suggests that Israel represents all Jews and vice versa.  The suggestion itself is antisemitic.
He added: “I take antisemitism very seriously. Any kind of delegitimisation of Israel is something we should call out for what it is and not tolerate it.
Again, the one, antisemitism, has nothing to do with the other, delegitimisation of Israel.
I think the boycotts of Israel are totally wrong. We should have no tolerance for boycotts. I would say that to any trade union leaders.”
But Mr Miliband warned the audience that while he was opposed to anti-Israel activities in this country, people must “understand the anger and dismay about settlements”.
He said that he considered himself a Zionist but was critical of some Israeli government policies. Asked about Labour’s support for the Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations, Mr Miliband said he wanted to “encourage moderate” Palestinians and work in an “even-handed” way.
Ah that's nice. He wants to be even-handed between Jewish supremacists and the victims of Jewish supremacy.  He is a zionist, he doesn't want equality for Jews and Arabs but a pretense of equality behind apparent even-handedness.
The politician made repeated reference to his support for a two-state solution to the Middle East conflict and said he hoped Britain could be an “honest broker” in the peace process.
And at the same time he made it clear that Britain will be no more an honest broker with Ed Miliband as Prime Minister than it has been under any other Prime Minister.

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