March 15, 2004

You can always tell when Israel is behaving badly: the Zionists crank up the anti-Semitism allegations

More on anti-Semitism - this time by Stephen Byers - yes the ex-Minister forced out for lying:
Anti-semitism is a virus and it mutates
Stephen Byers
March 15 2004
[selected quotes]
Nobody should be asked to take a loyalty and morality oath as a precondition for protection against racism. No citizen should feel that their equality before the law is dependent on their embrace of political views that we approve of. This is a totalitarian logic that undermines the very foundations of freedom on which our society stands. [agreed but tell that to Blunkett] Yet present-day anti-semites demand precisely that of Jews.
.....When it comes to Israel, Jews are held collectively responsible [yes, by the Zionist movement]...
[continues in same vain]


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