April 20, 2004

A touch of the Balfours

It's just not fair. I have written to my MP - Jon Cruddas, Dagenham - three times since 2/2/04 (ok 4 if you count today), asking him to find out why the Government keeps announcing policy on the Middle East to the Zionist movement before it announces it to Parliament. He hasn't replied. Now a Mike Gwilliam has asked the same question in The Independent:

Sir: On 25 March 2003, Jack Straw stated: "Our policy remains that clearly laid down in [UN] resolutions... a [Palestinian] state based on the 1967 borders, an end to the [Israeli] settlements, ...a solution to the refugee problem." (Hansard, column 143) Last week, when the Prime Minister acquiesced to the Bush-Sharon deal, he unilaterally abandoned all three principles. Can the Prime Minister remind us when he announced to Parliament this fundamental change in long-standing British policy? I cannot seem to find a reference anywhere in Hansard?

London E3

So now what do I conclude? The Independent is a mainstream newspaper and its editor - Simon Kelner - is Jewish. So what's wrong with my MP? Is he not worried that the Zionist movement and occasionally the world get told of profound policy changes before the party or Parliament? Apparently not.


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