May 23, 2004

Don't mention the war crimes

Not in print anyway. Can't find anything in the print edition of The Observer. about Israel's latest round of war crimes against the Palestinians. Punch the word "Rafah" into The Observer. on-line search bar and two articles come up. One of the articles, by Mary Riddell, did appear in print but Rafah only gets a passing mention. This is all that was said in the whole of The Observer. today about Rafah, "Children are gunned down by Israeli forces in Rafah". The other article, by Sandra Jordan appears on line only. It's a very moving piece about a three year old being killed as she popped out because she was fed up with being cooped up in the house. Elsewhere in the paper David Aaronovitch gets a hammering from correspondents angry that he claims that the massacres in Fallujah were "accidental" and therefore morally superior to beheading someone deliberately and on camera. I'd give the latter a slight moral edge on the grounds of honesty. As has happened before, when he gets caught with his hand in the till, Aaronovitch goes domestic. This week he gives us the benefit of his knowledge of family law. Elsewhere in the news, well on ITV's teletext to be precise, Israeli Justice Minister, Yosef (Tommy) Lapid has compared the Israeli army in Rafah to the Nazis. I have to copy and paste the whole article because I couldn't find anything about on Google and I fear the report will disappear from the link soon:

An Israeli Cabinet minister has said images of the army's demolition of Palestinian homes in the Gaza Strip reminded him of scenes from Nazi rule.

Justice minister Yosef Lapid said an old Palestinian woman searching through the rubble of her home for her medicine "reminded me of my grandmother".

Mr Lapid's statement has outraged hard-line Likud Party ministers, who have called for him to retract it.

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