August 22, 2004

So the Washington Post lied

And the ADL is squeaky clean.

Check this link for Muslims for Nader/Camejo to see the full extent of the ADL's and the Washington Post's dishonesty. [In the wake of a comment from quite a hardcore racist I have to point out that the Muslims for Nader site simply quotes Nader in full and shows the Washington Post editorial in full together with Nader's response. They have links in place to check veracity (theirs not the ADL's). What it all shows is that the ADL deliberately set out to bracket Nader with neo-Nazis and only the dishonest or the stupid would fail to see that] . It doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to recognise a smear campaign by the ADL and Washington Post against Nader. Sadly such smears are such a habit to most Zionists, it doesn't even take a conspiracy to send deliberate falsehoods cascading through the media.

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