September 24, 2004

Enough already!

I know many Jews who get exasperated with Jewish support for Israel but here's one guy who is so demoralised about it he has very publicly resigned from the Jewish people. I’m not sure how such an inverted excommunication works but that’s what he’s done. There are many people who were born and raised Jewish who have simply walked away from it out of sheer despair at the apparent (or is it real?) power of Zionism over the Jewish communities. It's usually more of an "I can't be bothered with it anymore" sort of a thing. This guy’s resignation is interesting because it’s done so casually. No bitterness or hatred. Just a resignation, albeit within a lengthy resignation letter. Contrast this with the highly publicised hostility of Gilad Atzmon. He has been joined recently by Elias Davidsson and Paul Eisen. For this hapless trio, and their mysterious mentor, Israel Shamir, Jewishness is the main issue with Zionism.  Not colonialism, not apartheid, not ethnic cleansing, not proxy wars...Jewishness. Theirs is a call, not to oppose malevolent forces, but to "round up the usual suspects".

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