September 25, 2004

Ten Pound Challenge III

This time it's personal. Is Shuli Davidovich a liar or what? No it's no good answering "yes" or "no". We know the answer to that one in general terms. In today's Guardian. Shuli Davidovich explains why the Israeli army has to keep ambulances waiting at checkpoints while people suffer, die or give birth. She says that "there have been numerous examples of Palestinian terror organisations abusing ambulances by using them to smuggle weapons and suicide bombers into Israel". So here's the challenge: I will give ten pounds to anyone who can detail two proven cases of ambulances being used "to smuggle weapons and suicide bombers into Israel". What you have to do is write down and link two firmed up cases. Not the same one twice. Not bland assertions from Zionist hate sites. Real cases. You don't have to give your real name, but an address is essential so I can send the ten pound note recorded delivery. And you have to be the first one. I've only got one tenner to spare. Don't worry I won't publish addresses. So you can reply by email to or by comment - but of course if you respond by comment your address will be on view. Oh yes, you need to site two examples to win the tenner but Shuli says there are "numerous examples" so if anyone knows of "numerous examples" then please let me know. Answers by 23.59 9/10/2004 (that's 10/9/2004 if you're in the US).


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