October 04, 2004

Now Israel declares open season on UN ambulances

The UN today accused Israel of lying about the use of ambulances for armed attacks. They said that video released by Israel shows a stretcher being loaded on to an ambulance. The Israelis said last week that the object was a Qassam rocket. Imagine with all their state-of-the-art technology making a mistake like that. You don't think it was deliberate do you? And if so why? Less than two weeks ago Shuli Davidovich, spokeswoman for the Israeli embassy in London said that there were "numerous examples" of Palestinians using ambulances to launch attacks on Israel. A regular Zionist visitor to this blog admitted that he only knew of one and the Guardian. readers' editor said that he didn't know of any, in spite of having happily published Davidovich's latest lie. It looks to me that Israel is storing up "justifications" for firing on ambulances. Of course I could be wrong.

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