November 13, 2004

Linda Grant on a re-learning curve

Fascinating article by Linda Grant in The Guardian's. Weekend section today. On line it comes in two parts. There are a couple of points I would disagree with, eg, "Rabbi" Meir Kahane is described as a "far-right racist" whereas I would have inserted the word overt. to distinguish him from the rest of what is a far-right racist (ie Zionist) movement; and the casual dismissal of the Israeli (note not Zionist. ) left as engaging in "conspiracy" theories. But on the whole this shines a light on the various mindsets of members of the colonial settler community in Gaza. Now I was told that Linda Grant was once-upon-a-time a Trotskyist, and therefore, presumably, anti-Zionist. She first came to my attention via the Guardian. and what seemed like several articles soliciting support for Zionism. If she really was a young anti-Zionist then it appears that Linda Grant is re-learning what she used to know.

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