November 07, 2004

Oxfam supports war

A while back I wrote to Oxfam to complain that it was hypocritical of them to reject a donation from a man who said he sympathised with Palestinian suicide bombers whilst they (Oxfam) were embarking on a joint venture with Starbucks knowing that the Starbucks CEO is a Zionist and a supporter of the mass murderer Ariel Sharon. They wrote back to me saying that Howard Schultz, the Starbucks CEO, supports a two-state solution in Palestine and actually wants peace there. I wrote back to them saying that the war criminal Ariel Sharon makes exactly the same claim. Well I have now stumbled on a website that is dedicated to undermining boycotts of racism and imperialism and it shows that Starbucks supports the "war on terror". That war is now believed to have cost around 100,000 Iraqi civilian lives. I have written to Oxfam to get their take on this, though I must say that they ignored my last letter to them. If you are appalled at Oxfam's support for Zionism and war please complete their feedback form or email them. Thanks.

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