January 14, 2005

Colonial Hitler goes native

Whilst the discomfiture of the royals is entertainment for us ordinary folk, let's condemn them for the right reasons:

I find it disconcerting that the "outraged", and presumably anti-racist, media commentators seem to have focused on a single theme when denouncing Harry's odious choice of outfit (Royal family caught up in Nazi row, January 13). As an African Briton, I am appalled that both princes attended a party themed "native and colonial".

Ideologically there is very little difference from the party being themed "Aboriginal and Australian" or, of course, "Jewish and Nazi". The fact that Prince William chose to parody African people in what has been described as a Tarzanesque "lion and leopard" outfit is equally as contemptible as Harry wearing the uniform of the German Afrika Korps which brutally murdered thousands of African people belonging to the Herero and Bondelswarts tribes in Namibia in 1904-06.
Toyin Agbetu
The Ligali Organisation


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