January 03, 2005

Palestine democracy campaign

Two letters in the Guardian. highlighting the political indivisibility of the Palestinian people. One signed by Joe Bord Research fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge, Prof Musa Budeiri, Birzeit University, Palestine, Nur Masalha, University of Surrey and Martha Mundy, London School of Economics. The other by Prof Hilary Rose and Prof Steven Rose London.

The first complains that:

Although they are an integral part of the Palestinian people, the millions of refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the wider diaspora are not to vote in the presidential, legislative or local elections for "technical reasons".
[but see a response to this by Roland Rance]

The second complains of:

reports of the continued harassment by the Israeli Defence [sic] Force of candidates other than the west's favoured Mahmoud Abbas in the Palestinian presidential elections. These were capped by the announcement that the Ariel Sharon government was effectively going to disenfranchise the 120,000 Palestinian citizens living in Jerusalem.


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