January 12, 2005

Palestinian WMD?

I was sent this by someone called Flutie54 and I was asked why I don't post it to my blog. Well click above and read the weirdest article. It's written by Louis Rene Beres, who, it's hard to believe got his Phd from Princeton in 1971.

Here's how he kicks off:

Today we think of Fallujah as the site of ongoing battles between courageous American forces and assorted enemy fighters.

I don't know anything of the readership of the Jewish Press but when we. think of Fallujah we. tend to think of a city that has been destroyed by American aerial bombardment.

And still in the first paragraph:

But back on the last day of March of this year, Fallujah was briefly known for the manifestly unheroic behavior of its Arab/Islamic combatants. Then it was the place where Islamic insurgents openly dramatized their long-cherished practice of desecrating the dead.

Obviously the Phd who wrote this didn't know about the Israeli desecration of corpses back in November 2004 or he would have mentioned it. Anyway to continue:

The March 31 Iraqi atrocities against American civilians stemmed from the same cultural mindset as Palestinian atrocities against Israelis. Moreover, Iraqi suicide bombers have learned a great deal from their Palestinian cousins. Witnessing that Palestinian crimes against humanity have led both Israel and the United States to move closer toward accepting the creation of a Palestinian state, certain Iraqis can now conclude quite rationally that mutilating Americans is far more than a convenient way to let off steam. It is also a purposeful way to end the U.S. "occupation" and to reinstall a genocidal regime.

"Cultural mindset", now there's an expression. Palestinians and Iraqis have a "cultural mindset" that predisposes them to using suicide bombing as tactic. Why then was it not until 1994 that any Palestinian carried out a suicide bombing? The Phd chappie doesn't ask. The answer, known to most observers of the Palestine situation, is that the American GP, Baruch Goldstein, carried out the first suicide attack in Palestine in 1993 and Hamas retaliated in kind. And how did the word "occupation" find itself between quotes? What is the American presence in Iraq? Tourism?

And that's not all:

As the events in Fallujah essentially reproduced those in Ramallah, so too would a state of "Palestine" quickly resemble and export the chaotic conditions of present-day Iraq.

Let's see if I've understood this. An unoccupied Ramallah would resemble "occupied" Iraq. So Palestinians being ruled by Palestinians would be like Iraqis being ruled by Americans. Who is this guy? Oh yes, I remember, he's a Phd from Princeton. But there's still more.

Moreover, as a fully sovereign state unencumbered by any outside military forces, its predictable preparations for new spasms of war and terror would proceed with utterly no constraint or inhibition. In time, "Palestine" would surely become the launching point for direct WMD attacks upon neighboring Israel and, indirectly, for WMD terror against certain parts of Europe and the United States.

This guy's racing ahead. Palestine with WMD. Of course Palestine has WMD on its soil. It's just not the "fully sovereign state" of Palestine that controls them. It's the US dependent state of Israel that owns and controls them, as much as one can control over 40 year old nuclear weapons facilities designed for a 25 year lifespan.

And on:

Everywhere in the Arab/Islamic world, the post-Holocaust concentration of Jews in Israel is taken as decisive proof of Allah`s plan for another Jewish genocide. Ironically, for this world, the state created to prevent a second Holocaust has been allowed only to make further Jewish annihilation distinctly practicable.

Finally our Doctor of Philsophy has accidentally got something right, albeit on the back of something wrong. The state of Israel was not established "to prevent a second Holocaust". The idea of a Jewish state predated the holocaust by five to six decades and the imperialist supporters of the Zionist project were none too concerned about genocidal campaigns against other peoples. But it is true, that the concentration of millions of Jews in one contiguous area does make a holocaust possible, particularly when WMD with a lifespan of 25 years have been there for over 40 years.


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