January 23, 2005

Shalom! Sharon

Speaking at the first Hebrew language day, Sharon said: 'I don't understand why Israeli broadcasting networks call themselves foreign names like 'Hot' and 'Yes', and how that half-breed creature 'yalla, bye' was created instead of the beautiful word 'shalom'.'

The above quote is from an Observer. article about the importation of non-Hebrew words into everyday Israeli speech. Sharon says peace is a lovely word. Pity he doesn't think it's a lovely idea. Also see how "Hot" and "Yes" are foreign names, whereas "Yalla, bye" is a half-breed creature. I wonder what expression Sharon uses to describe the wholesale ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. As far as I know he isn't an on-the-record advocate of this, but what word does he use when it's discussed with his colleagues who do support it? They tend to call it by the English word "transfer". There is a Hebrew word for transfer; it's ha'avara. I always thought that they avoided the use of this word because ha'avara was the name of the agreement between the Jewish Agency and Nazi Germany and so it carries an air of shame. Others have argued that, because transfer is an English word, it sounds more respectable.


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