February 24, 2005

Aaronovitch and the oligarchs

I just found this article titled "Russia, Israel and Media Omissions" on Counterpunch. When it became clear that a handful, well seven, Russians had emerged as the owners and controllers of the bedrock of the former Soviet economy I wondered where Russians would have got capital from in countries where a superstate had controlled all investment and savings. When one or two of these oligarchs fled to Israel under suspicion of some economic crime or other I began to suspect that maybe Israel had stumped up the capital. Then when an oligarch - Khodorkovsky - wound up in a Russian jail and Richard Perle called for Russia's expulsion from the G8, even though he'd never uttered a peep over atrcities in Chenya, I thought maybe it was the neo-cons who stumped up. Let's face it, they ain't poor these guys. Anyway, then I read this by David Aaronovitch in the Guardian. back in 2003:

a journalist called Neil Clark accuses America of being behind the Russian oligarchs who President Putin is so wisely (if unconstitutionally) cracking down on at the moment. 'In the oligarchs,' says Clark, 'Perle... saw a way in which the US and Israel could, by proxy, gain political and economic power in Russia...' The 'and Israel' should have warned the editor of the New Statesman what he was dealing with here. I suggest he visits David Irving's home page or the revisionist Zundelsite website very soon.
and I was convinced that the neo-cons, Israel and the Russian oligarchs were in cohoots. Of course, as Aaronovitch suggests, people might want to visit crackpot holocaust denier and worldwide Jewish conspiracy sites just to see the kind of malicious tosh that, unlike Aaronovitch's, doesn't make it into the mainstream but if you want to read a well reasoned piece on the relationship between the neo-cons, Israel and the Russian oligarchs read on.


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