February 26, 2005

RUSSIA: Left fights "left" anti-semitism

Here's an article in the Green Left weekly online edition on the disturbing rise of anti-semitism in Russia. The old Soviet authorities, post-Lenin, often used anti-semitism in power struggles and to manipulate the public. Also the Red/Brown alliance emerged shortly after (if not during) the collapse of the Soviet Union. But this "coming out" by Communist Party old guard seems to be something new.
The nationalism in the top ranks of the Communist Party is an anomaly, even in the post-Soviet world. Across Eastern Europe, neoliberal reforms have come under fire from both the left, protesting against incursions into workers' rights, and from the nationalist right, which sees globalisation as an extension of the Jewish conspiracy or as a backhanded attempt to make local owners bow to the will of international capital. As one leftist journalist noted, these right-wingers want only homegrown vampires to suck their blood.
The Green Left article is, if you like, an ideological take on developments whereas the International Herald Tribune has more factual detail here.


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