March 03, 2005

Five minutes and fifty-five seconds

No this isn't the title of the latest composition by John Cage. It's the amount of time granted to Isaac Herzog to tell a complete pack of lies regarding the number, location and status of Israel's illegal colonial settlers in occupied Palestinian territory without any serious counter-argument from his interviewer even though she must surely have known that he was lying. This 5 minutes 55 seconds was his response to 40 seconds granted to the PLO's Afif Safieh on the same subject. Afif Safieh wasn't given a chance to refute any of the lies told by Herzog. It seems that following the lying Lord Hutton and the Malcolm Balen report, the BBC has upped its pro-Israel position from about 80% to 99%. Please don't just take my word for this. Listen to the programme via the link in the headline (today only) and you might like to write to "contact Today" to complain. I'm not aware of anything in the BBC charter that says it has to side with racist war criminals.


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