April 16, 2005

Jews against Michael Howard

Obviously there are lots of Jews against Michael Howard but, according to the Independent, this one, Federico Mazandarani, aged 51, got to confront the man himself on a radio phone-in.
"Every time Mr Howard opens his mouth and talks about foreigners who are invading this country in the words that he does ... he is making life impossible for us," said Mr Mazandarani.

"Every time Michael Howard speaks about immigration, I get abused on the streets by the general public. This issue has absolutely been the bane of my life in this country for 32 years. I'm sick and tired of having politicians inflating this issue."
This is quite poignant for me as the man is from Forest Gate which is where I was born and where my grandmother lived from the 1930s until she died. The area, like much of London's east end, was largely Jewish until about the 1950s or maybe the 60s. When my nan was dying of cancer a few of years ago I was staying at her place one night to look after her. I went to the newsagent to get a JC at 8 o'clock on a Friday morning. The guy said he had sold out. He only stocked one copy and the man who bought it always came in at seven.


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