May 05, 2005

AUT Special Council Meeting on the boycott

I just saw this on a zionist blog
Following the receipt of a request from 25 members of council, notice is given that a special meeting of AUT council will be held on Thursday 26 May 2005 in central London.

The sole business of this special council meeting will be to have a full debate on proposals to boycott Israeli universities.

Details of how to register delegates for this meeting will be sent to local associations shorty.

Submission of motions by local associations

Motions for this council meeting should be received at Egmont House by 12 noon on Wednesday 18 May. Motions will be circulated to local associations as soon as is practical after that deadline. The deadline for amendments to those motions will be 5pm on Monday 23 May.

The council agenda committee will meet prior to the special council meeting and their report will be circulated to delegates on their arrival at the meeting.

Motions should be approved by a local association general meeting or in accordance with another provision set out in a local association’s local rules. A copy of the form for the purpose of submitting council motions is included in circular LA7629.

Alternatively, motions can be submitted by e-mail to Catherine Wilkinson from the contact e-mail address that is held by head office for the local association secretary. E-mails should state that the motion was passed at a quorate general meeting, and the date of that meeting (as shown on the attached form for submitting motions by post).

Receipt of all motions will be acknowledged; if you do not receive an acknowledgement before the deadline, please contact Catherine Wilkinson at head office.
Here's what an anti-boycott blog ENGAGE says
We need every academic to become an AUT activist, at least for the next 4 weeks. If you are not a member of AUT, please join, if you are eligible. Engage will help people who oppose the boycotts in each university to find each other and to begin the local campaigns. If you want Engage to link you up with other opponents of the boycotts in your university, please email Jon Pike at And keep watching the Engage website for the latest news, for tips on campaigning and for model motions for the Conference.
What I find odd about this website is that it accepts comments for most things but comments are "closed" on this one. Why doesn't ENGAGE want discussion of this issue? And look at the pitch to non-union members. I'm all for recruitment to the union but not for a once-off project.


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