July 16, 2005

Hear George Galloway on Radio 4

If you're quick you can catch George Galloway on Radio 4's Any Questions. It was a strange edition of a programme that prides itself on "balance". In it, George Galloway found himself being rounded on by the other three panellists. Needless to say, he still got the better of them all. In due course, if you follow the link in the headline above you will be able to acquire the transcript.
The panel

Frank Field MP - [described by the host, Jonathan Dimbleby, as "greatly respected by all serious colleauges across the political spectrum"]
Labour MP and former Welfare Reform Minister

Oliver Letwin MP - [described as relentlessly and amiably reasonable]
Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

George Galloway MP - [treated surprisingly respectfully by the host]
Respect Party

Professor Colleen Graffy - [former chair of Republicans Abroad - invokes MEMRI as source material]
US law lecturer and Republican
Listen up for the "greatly respected" Frank Field deliberately misunderstanding George Galloway from the off.


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