August 03, 2005

Top Tory joins the majority

Well, Dominic Grieve, the shadow Attorney General, hasn't actually joined New Labour. That would be the "parliamentary majority". No he has done something more democratic than that. He has joined the majority of British, and now American, people in saying that the London bombings were "wholly explicable".
The Tory leadership distanced itself from Dominic Grieve, the shadow Attorney General, after he said the link between the Iraq war and the terror campaign could not be ignored.
In response to this the Home Office minister, Hazel Blears, resorted to typical new Labourite disingenuousness
Asked if she agreed with Mr Grieve, Ms Blears said: "No, I don't. I think people can fundamentally disagree with policy issues, with foreign policy ... but I don't see any justification for people blowing themselves up and murdering hundreds of other people."
No one seems to have followed up with the most obvious question at this point: "who said anything about "justification"?"


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