October 01, 2005

Just one per cent believe that "the British media is biased in favour of Israel"

Now there's a shock headline. Who are these people that only one per cent believe that our zionist controlled media is biased in favour of Israel? Well, according to the Jewish Chronicle, they are a self-selected sample surveyed by YouGov for the scrupulously impartial StandUp4Israel. The sample size was 2,018 but, of course, size isn't important when you "self-select" the sample with a view to a specific result. The issue at hand here is whether zionists should run a specific advertising campaign in the media rather than simply relying on the ragbag of zionists they have in the media already. Overwhelmingly the respondents felt that there should be one. Wiser counsel had it that only the most pariah of states has to resort to professional PR to promote their "cause". But anyway go here to read the whole article. You'll have to click on the image a couple of times. It's typical JC. You have to get almost to the end to realise that even YouGov have criticised the methodology.

Unfortunately I can't access the questions now. They were here but the poll's closed. From what I can glean from the JC article, as already stated, one per cent believe that the mainstream media is not biased in favour of Israel. Applying the usual, I believe, 4% margin of error, that means no-one believes that the media is pro-Israel. Further, 92% believe the media to be "biased against Israel." The JC very kindly pointed out that YouGov issued a warning that the results may have been skewed by the fact that the poll itself was only publicised in the JC itself. I get the JC every week and I didn't notice it. That's not to say it wasn't there, rather that when I see anything alleging that the mainstream media is anything but pro-Israel I tend to switch off. Anyway, kinder still, the JC notes, eventually, that YouGov, possibly fearing for their reputation, conducted another poll with the same questions using their usual sampling techniques and found that only 14% of a 2,288 sample believed the media to be biased against Israel. Now even that seems fairly high to me but then I have just joined YouGov's panel and it makes me wonder what kind of people are on it. To what extent can they be representative? and how much does YouGov do to make sure that their samples are representative? I'm asking because I don't know, not because I think I do know.

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