January 08, 2006

Marks and bright sparks on the demographic timebomb

I don't often lift comments from haloscan to post on the home page but here are two from an earlier post that graft Israel's official racist ideology onto a town in the UK.
"A conference on finding ways to achieve a permanent Gentile majority in Golders Green is to be held on Sunday in the North London suburb. The convention, the first of its kind, was initiated by the New Forum for Strengthening the Gentile Community in North London, lead by council member Oswald Moseley, a member of Mayor Schickelgruber's faction in the Greater London Assembly.

Over the weekend, Mosely told a local newspaper that Golders Green has the right to exist as a mixed city only if it has a permanent Gentile majority. "The real solution is to establish appropriate institutions so that the city would be able to receive nationalist devout Anglican families" he told the ‘Stormer’ newspaper.

The municipality said in response that "the mayor supports any activity that may advance the city and bring in strong populations to advance it." [Stephen Marks]
And warming to the theme:
Mayor Shicklegruber reiterated the need for 'strong populations' emphasising the debilitating effect of alien elements in the achievement of a strong municipality. He rejected comparisons made with Zionism as grotesquely offensive and a blood libel on the Anglo-Saxon race.[John G]
They even won some applause from a zionist for that stuff. Happy days!


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