January 02, 2006

Yahrtzheit for the Finkelsteins

I know I posted this about three or four posts ago but I just want to link to the Q and A of Finkelstein's Yale lecture again. I was just watching it and towards the end someone asks him if he "observes yarhtzheit" for his parents. This was the height of zionist critique of Finkelstein's work. If you download from the link above for Media Player or here for Real Player then go to 43 minutes in. Actually Finkelstein's response is worth the 43 minute wait but if you're in a hurry then skip to 43 minutes and hear the way that Finkelstein deals with "the low level of the questions, the level of sheer ignorance and imbecility, and the insulting nature of the questions." But that last question is by no means representative of the questions as a whole and for those you will have to listen to the whole thing.

Professor Finkelstein's latest book, Beyond Chutzpah, is available here and here and, if you look for it, elsewhere too I'm sure.

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