February 13, 2006

Don't say the P-word in Hollywood

Ha'aretz reports that Israel and zionist groups are lobbying the Academy Awards to refrain from using the word "Palestine" when presenting the film Paradise Now which was made in, er, Palestine.
Israel and U.S. Jewish groups have lobbied organizers of next month's Academy Awards not to present a nominated film about Palestinian suicide bombers as coming from "Palestine," an Israeli diplomat said yesterday.

With Israeli-Palestinian tensions running high, the provenance of "Paradise Now" is as combustible an issue as its plot in the run-up to the March 5 ceremony, which will be watched by millions worldwide.

A drama about two West Bank men recruited to blow themselves up in Tel Aviv, "Paradise Now" is a contender for the Oscar in the "best foreign film" category.
This is actually a step forward from a few of years ago when Palestinian films wouldn't even be considered in the foreign category lest an academy award nomination looked like recognition of Palestine.


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