May 16, 2006

New balance at BBC?

I've just noticed this BBC report on an Israeli rocket attack on a car in Gaza.
Israel targets car in Gaza Strip

The Israeli air force says it has attacked a car carrying a group of Palestinian militants in southern Gaza.

The Islamic Jihad armed group said those in the vehicle were its members. Doctors said two people were injured.

The Israeli military frequently launches such air strikes, saying they are an attempt to combat Palestinian rocket attacks launched from Gaza.

But Palestinian militants counter that their rocket attacks are in retaliation for Israeli military action.

The blast happened near the Khan Younis refugee camp.

It came as Palestinians marked the anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 - a day the Palestinians mourn as the "Catastrophe" or al-Nakba.
The BBC has recently been exposed as being too pro-Israel in its coverage so what is noticeable about this report is that, whilst it puts Israel's claim of retaliation first, it does follow with Islamic Jihad's claim that it is the Palestinians who are retaliating. The Beeb could say more about the comparative strength of Israel against the Palestinian resistance but there might a little acorn here.


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