July 08, 2006

And in the Jewish Telegraph

I think the JT is a northern English Jewish newspaper but I don't have time to check. Anyway here's its article on the advert that's changed the course of er, well it made a change from the usual Times fare anyway.

A NEWSPAPER advert in which nearly 300 prominent British Jews condemned Israeli action in Gaza has sparked fury.

The Jews for Justice for Palestinians' full-page ad in yesterday's Times accuses Israel of terrorising "an entire people".

Among signatories are film director Mike Leigh and writers Lynne Reid Banks, Michelene Wandor, Mike Rosen and Harold Pinter.

Liverpool MP Louise Ellman said: "I do not agree with the advert.

"It totally disregards the fact that Israeli civilians have been under rocket fire from Gaza every day since the Israeli pullout, as well as the attacks on Sderot and the new attacks on Ashkelon.

"It is a very regrettable situation. It is always of great concern when civilians are under attack.

"But it is totally unbalanced to describe Israeli defensive actions as acts of aggression."

She added: "I hope all sides will get work together to return to the Road Map.

"Hamas must recognise Israel and renounce terrorism. But its current acts suggest that it is doing none that."

Manchester Zionist Central president Lucille Cohen said: "I would be more impressed if the JPP equally espoused justice for Israelis.

"Organisations like this are used with glee by institutions in this country wanting to invalidate Israel's claim to statehood."

Fellow Mancunian Howard Sherrington said: "They should be donating to Jews for Justice for the Jews of Gaza. After 30 years spent transforming a desert wasteland into a thriving agricultural paradise, they were uprooted by their own Jewish government.

"This was done in a desperate attempt to prove to the rest of the world, including the JJP, that whatever Israel did, even if they uprooted their own people and gave back land to the Palestinians, it would make no difference.

"Peace with the Palestinians is an illusion. The JJP, who are supposed to be thinkers, have obviously not thought about the problem.

"The JJP are the type of Jews of which we are all ashamed."

The Israeli Embassy said: "From our knowledge and understand of the British Jewish community, the views of those who signed the open letter are not remotely representative.

"Fortunately, nor does the stance expressed reflect the opinion of the British government.

"Indeed, even the British media has presented a more balanced picture."

Meanwhile earlier this week, Mancunian Neturei Karta representative Rabbi Ahron Cohen spoke at a London anti-Zionist conference of Muslims and Jews, which also condemned "Israel's re-occupation of Gaza".
A bit more opinionated than the JC I'd say.


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