July 16, 2006

Israel kills 35 civilians in Lebanon

Report from Reuters.
Israel killed 35 civilians on Saturday, including 15 children, in air strikes meant to punish Lebanon for letting Hizbollah guerrillas menace the Jewish state's northern border.

Hizbollah rockets struck deeper into Israel than ever, wounding eight people in the Sea of Galilee town of Tiberias, and wounding 15 other people across northern Israel.

Israel's bombing of Lebanese roads, bridges, ports and airports, as well as Hizbollah targets, is its most destructive onslaught since a 1982 invasion to expel Palestinian forces.

For the first time, ports in Christian areas were bombarded and a helicopter missile hit a lighthouse on Beirut's seafront.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora demanded an immediate U.N.-backed ceasefire, denouncing Israel for turning his country into a "disaster zone". He appealed for foreign aid.

Israel said the way out would be for Lebanon to implement a U.N. resolution demanding Hizbollah disarmed. The Beirut government, led by an anti-Syrian coalition, lacks the unity and firepower to disarm Hizbollah, the only Lebanese faction to keep its guns after the 1975-90 civil war.
15 children killed out of 35. How soon will it be before some zionist or other says that 20 terrorists hid behind 15 children?

And what about this outstanding UN resolution? Could Lebanon trade it for some of Israel's?


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