July 10, 2006

Jewdas gets the Wikipedia treatment

The radical Jewish site, Jewdas, was entered on Wikipedia back in April 2006 but it's now being recommended for deletion. As with Jews sans frontieres it has been referred to the page for Judaism related deletions and by the same person. I think the deletion recommendation means that whoever wants it to remain has five days to update the original entry. It does now look like a real effort by some so-called Wikipedians to prevent dissenting Jewish voices from being heard with regard to either the racist war criminals of the State of Israel, the zionist movement in general or the Jewish establishments of the diaspora.

The Jews sans frontieres entry has now been pulled for lack of notability and if you go to the page where it was there is nothing to show that it was ever there but the discussions about deletion (or not) remain.

Rob Foster hasn't weighed into the discussions on this one just yet and maybe s/he won't. S/he first appeared to join calls for the deletion of Jews sans frontieres from Wikipedia on the grounds of me having been accused of libel and pursuing personal vendettas.

"Rob Foster" has now registered as a Wikipedian with a blurb about themselves as follows:
My name is - Rob Foster.

I've been using Wikipedia as a source for a couple of years. Now it's time to start contributing.

Occupation - academic

Lives - South London

Tries to get out of reading Harry Potter to small son every night.

Interests: 20th century history.
Now lets recall that JSF was recommended for deletion on the grounds of lack of notability. And yet this "academic" thought that it was enough to accuse someone of libel in order to get their blog pulled from Wikipedia. Coincidentally a non-academic, in fact quite the opposite, a writer of fiction, thought that it was enough to accuse me of libel to get my blog pulled, not just from a directory, but from the internet itself. What kind of academic could be so stupid? Well, take a look at Engage and you will see some classic examples of why, I think it was, George Bernard Shaw said "those that can do, those that can't teach!" The fact that this Rob Foster chap/ess claims to have used Wikipedia for two years just makes me more suspicious as to their identity. I still haven't got my head around the rules but I've only been looking intently (if narrowly) at Wikipedia for about a week or so. Now, given threats I have received from one Engage contributor and the propensity of Engage contributors to use false names, I'm fairly certain that this Rob Foster character is bogus. But how would I know?

Anyway, enough of my "personal vendettas" and back to Jewdas on Wikipedia. I have recorded the source of the original article page on Wikipedia and when I get time I'll reconstruct it here in case it goes the way of Wikipedia's Jews sans frontieres entry. I must say finally that Jewdas does deserve an entry on Wikipedia for its originality and its being an alternative voice of Jews who are active in the community itself and against the establishment. I think the officials at Wikipedia have to understand the extraordinary lengths zionists go to to ensure that anti-zionists and even non-zionists never get "notable" in terms of widespread coverage. If they don't know then they should ask Rob Foster who has been "using Wikipedia as a source for a couple of years."


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