July 18, 2006

More refugees from zionism

I have just heard on BBC Radio 4 that Cyprus is expecting 80,000 refugees from Lebanon owing to the Israeli bombardment. The aim of zionism is to establish and maintain a state in (and possibly around) Palestine for Jews. The main way of doing this is to expel the natives and invite colonial settlers in. Sure enough, before the State of Israel had even been formally declared the zionists had caused hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to flee their homes. And now Israel is continuing as it began.

I googled Lebanon just now and I can't find a news service willing to go on line with figures stated by Radio 4. I'm sure this will change through the day. The closest I got was the BBC's site which says "Hundreds evacuated from Lebanon" before going on to say
Some 2,000 foreign nationals have been evacuated from Beirut as operations gather pace to help them escape the escalating crisis in Lebanon.

With Beirut airport damaged by Israeli air strikes, the only routes out are by sea to Cyprus or by bus to Syria.
Israel is actually causing thousands, maybe tens of thousands, to flee Lebanon whilst making it almost impossible for them to do so. Before Israel was established many on the left warned that zionism would create a death trap for Jews. I suppose it's egalitarian of Israel to turn Lebanon into a death trap too.


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