August 26, 2006

The end of the zionist dream?

Israel has just fought yet another war "for its survival." The crucial difference this time is that it lost. So now we have proof for even the most willfully stupid that when Israel claims to be fighting for its survival it is doing no such thing. Now here's an article by Nadim Shehadi in Ha'aretz suggesting that the way in which Israel fights and endangers its citizens means that it is actually a failed state:
What is the logic that will emerge from this war? If Israel can exist only by destroying the neighborhood, then it's time to declare it a failed state. The Zionist dream has turned into a nightmare and is not viable. If the future holds more of the same, then the time has come to reconsider the whole project. Every state has a duty to defend its citizens, but also it has a duty to provide them with security and the two are different. The prospects are for more destruction, fanaticism, violence and hatred. No unilateral separation can isolate Israel from this, nor can the region or the world live with the consequences. This seems to be the only choice, and Israel must do itself and others a favor and go away.
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