September 27, 2006

Arthur Neslen's Tel Aviv diary

I picked up a copy of Red Pepper on the way up to Manchester on Saturday and I was pleased to see a diary from Tel Aviv during the recent war on Lebanon by Israel. The diary was maintained by Arthur Neslen and the thing that struck me was its indictment of the zionist "left" in his August 10 report:
After five weeks of war, a bombshell has finally hit Tel Aviv. The big guns of the Israeli left have turned and hopefully not just to shoot themselves in the foot. Israel’s campaign in Lebanon is staggering from one bloody calamity to the next and the ‘Zionist left’ has decided to break ranks - and the national consensus. It was only two days ago that Yossi Beilin, the leader of the ‘far left’ Meretz party, was claiming that his group had ‘passed the test’ of Lebanon by taking a position neither for war, nor peace but both at the same time.
Other Red Pepper reports and comments on Palestine are here.


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