September 28, 2006

Engage TV?

I haven't seen this programme myself but Engage have touted it quite heavily and it includes some of their contributors so it might be fun. It's David Aaronovitch and friends in a show called No Excuses for Terror. It's hosted for now on Harry's Place but going from the comments I think it will soon be available on Google. Here are some (maybe all) of the cast:
Jon Pike, Alan Johnson, Eve Garrard, Jane Ashworth, Norman Geras, John Strawson, Shalom Lappin, amongst others.
Wot no Alf Green?

I have to put the moderator back on today because I'm away from the pc all day and I don't want the trolls taking over. Thanks for your forbearance in this matter.

Many thanks to Hulkagaard in the comments.

Oh, one more thing. Here's a curious comment to the Harry's Place post:
David Aaronovitch, whose brother played Deidre's nemesis Jon Lindsay in Corrie - "Free the Wetherfield One" - is extraordinarily sensible for a Leftie. Like Nick Cohen. Could it be because they is Jewish?
They certainly have Jewish surnames but I'm fairly certain that neither of them claim to be Jewish, in fact Nick Cohen strenuously denies it....when he's not masquerading as Baruch Spinoza that is.


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