September 04, 2006

Is Paul Bogdanor threatening me?

Goodness! This is scary stuff. I think someone's trying to threaten me. I won't bore you too much (I hope) with details of a "discussion" in the comments here. It all began when I tracked back and found a reference to me in an on-line article which was an extract from a book about Jews who criticise Israel. A small book maybe; or, who knows? a heavy tome. Check out the post. Well, because he's the son of someone who's fairly famous here in the UK, I put up with him for a while and then I got bored with it and deleted most of his latest lengthy comment to deal with something he had actually got right. There's no need for detail here and he promises to post the whole shebang on to his own website some time so I'll direct you there when he does. If I see it that is. Well, you know how zionists think that, in spite of dominating, if not controlling, the whole media here, each zionist has a right to be heard. He emailed me to complain that I had cut down his post. He actually said that I had banned him.
I wondered how long it would take you to ban me... Unfortunately for you, I've saved the entire exchange, which I can now post on my site, without censorship.

A friend advised me that in any exchange you tend to get bored as soon as you think you're losing and promptly ban your opponent - usually without alerting your readers to the fact. I was hoping that he was wrong about you...

Am I correct in assuming that there's no longer any point in replying to the communist apologists in this exchange?
This is one important guy, after all, he has a famous dad. As it happens he could have commented and I was sure I let everyone know if I banned someone's comments. But anyway, being a smartarse and wanting to go to bed I simply responded:
You've got a friend?
And he came back and said:
Alas, you're not willing to defend your own character - even in

I notice that you ignore my query about whether I'll be allowed to reply on communism.

Is it true that you're a council employee in Dagenham or somewhere similar?
Now all I know about this Paul Bogdanor guy is that his dad is famous (Paul gets an entry in Wikipedia for that) and that he is associated with David Howrowitz's FrontPageMag site. That's it. I don't want to know any more. Except one thing. Why is this son of a celeb in the UK asking me questions about where I live and who I work for?

This is a clear attempt at intimidation. I hope readers who have hung in this far realise that. Now, what do zionists do? You know, those respectable types who wouldn't say "boo" to a goose. Do they complain as never before or do they accuse me of being a "conspiracy theorist" as so many do even when the accused is acting alone and when the "theory" is a fact?

Ok, to conclude, this Paul Bogdanor guy is threatening me. Why else would he be asking questions about where I live and work? His illustrious father must be proud of him. Personally I think he's a low life trading on his father's name.

Now then, to bed.

UPDATE: Apparently the celebrity's son wasn't trying to intimidate me:
I'm glad you made it clear that you banned me.

Actually my question about you was not a "threat" (more anti-Zionist paranoia and conspiracy theories - perhaps I'm planning to summon the Board of Deputies or the ADL!) but precisely that - a question asked out of curiosity, prompted by comments from other critics banned from your site.

I'm completing my own page on our exchange, which I'll send to you when ready...
Some masterpiece I have to wait for. He logged all that he and I wrote but it's not quite ready. He just took time out to let me know that he knows where I live and roughly where I work. He was intimidating me but I was supposed to be so intimidated I wouldn't mention it on my site. And didn't I say that he would accuse me of a conspiracy theory for saying this? Even David Hirsh wouldn't stoop to that.

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