September 17, 2006

JC laments media's neglect of "antisemitism" report

Alex Brummer in last week's Jewish Chronicle complains that the Report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism has been under-reported in the mainstream media. Norman Finkelstein has suggested that a mere glance at the "witness" list is enough to guess at he motivation behind the report and Michael Rosen has stuck the boot into to it too. Richard Bartholomew offered a more balanced critique that I linked to here.

Alex Brummer claims that:
Only the Times, which claimed credit for spurring MPs into action after first reporting a surge in antisemitism, did the report full justice with a tabloid page of coverage, the main points summarised and a leading article.
And that
The Telegraph’s religion correspondent John Petre also produced a page-lead story noting that the “acts of violence and abuse are an affront to any society”
But that:
The two papers which cover the Middle East most comprehensively — the Guardian and the Independent — gave the report only the most cursory coverage
Now look at the report and note the criticisms of Finkelstein, Rosen and Bartholomew. I'd say that those latter two (used to be) broadsheets actually did the Jewish people a favour by being so dismissive of such a load of tosh clearly designed to protect Israel from criticism.


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