October 09, 2006

Academic boycott of Israel "tremendously dangerous"

Thanks to an anonymous commentor for this Education Guardian article about the visit of Israeli Education minister, Yuli Tamir to the UK where she warned that an academic boycott of Israel would be "tremendously dangerous" because, well see for yourselves:
In a way what a boycott does is it weakens the possibility that there will be a real debate in Israel and there will be ways to change or support the way the government behaves.
So that's why so much progress has been made in the peace process, : no boycott. Read the whole thing. It's worse than I've posted here. Then check out the Engage site where there is a "reminder" of a joint hosting of the Israeli minister by the "non"-zionists of Engage and the zionists of the Union of Jewish Students. Too late for anyone reading this, it started at 6.30 pm.

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