October 18, 2006

Ignatieff to crawl to Israel but not so soon

Michael Ignatieff has performed another U-turn with regard to Israel. A few days ago he said he was going to visit Israel in the wake of his "evolving" remarks about the Israeli atrocity at Qana. Now, according to the Toronto Star, apparently he won't be going for a while:
Michael Ignatieff's plan to make peace in Israel — leadership-campaign peace, that is — won't happen next month as planned.

The Canada-Israel Committee, fearing a media circus over Ignatieff and the Liberal leadership, has postponed its plans to take some MPs to the Middle East next month. The former Harvard professor and MP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore is still welcome to go, CIC insists, but after the Liberal leadership is over.

Ignatieff had vowed to take up the CIC's invitation to Israel to show his goodwill toward the country after landing in controversy for talking about alleged Israeli "war crimes" last summer.

The controversy has not really died down yet, either — it was a highlight of the Liberal leadership debate on Sunday, when rival Bob Rae attacked Ignatieff for the campaign misstep.

Yesterday, CIC spokesperson Alicia Richler said it was becoming apparent that the purpose of the trip was threatening to get lost in Liberal leadership politics.
I'm sure dancing on strings pulled by zionists will go down well with Canadian voters.

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