October 29, 2006

Tony Greenstein libelled by Jerusalem Post

I think Tony Greenstein is one of the most thick skinned people I know in anti-racist circles. He nearly lost an eye to the fascist National Front in the 1970s and he has even been the subject of a scurrillous article in Counterpunch because of his principled stand against Gilad Atzmon's appearances at Socialist Workers Party events. But this time someone - the Jerusalem Post - has gone too far, even for Tony. The JP has accused him of being a member of the zionist Alliance for Workers Liberty:
Tony Greenstein, from Alliance for Workers' Liberty, said at the time: "Are you really saying that you are happy to have someone who openly admits to circulating Holocaust denial material perform at Marxism 2005? What kind of Marxism is this? I understand that David Irving is quite good at blowing his own trumpet. Will you invite him too?"

The material Greenstein refers to is an article by Paul Eisen, entitled "The Holocaust Wars" which Atzmon described as "a very important text." The article is a defense of the neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who says that there was no Nazi plan to exterminate European Jewry and no gas chambers.
AWL? Tony Greenstein? Hmm, I think he'd rather lose an eye.

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