October 04, 2006

Zionists and Darfur

Here's a post to the WWIV Report blog on the involvement of zionists in a campaign for Darfur:
While the debate over what to do about Darfur continues, the Sudanese government and critics of the US-based Save Darfur coalition have continued to accuse the movement (or, at least, elements of it) of having ulterior motives: namely, to benefit Israel—both by diverting attention from Israeli war crimes to those of the Khartoum regime and its supporters in the Arab world, and, more ambitiously to actually destabilize Sudan's Islamist government.
Engage and Dr Hirsh manage a mention and further to that so do I:
British anti-Zionist commentator Mark Elf of the blog Jews Sans Frontieres told WW4 REPORT: "Engage has recently turned its ire on Jews for Justice for Palestinians because of their campaigning against the occupation. Before that their targets were Jews Against Zionism and organisers of the academic boycott like Stephen and Hilary Rose. All the while the main organiser of Engage - David Hirsh - claims to be a non-zionist and yet his own position on zionist rule is indistinguishable from that of another Engage 'contributor' - John Strawson - who ran for a seat on the World Zionist Congress under the banner of Meretz."
I wasn't sure about that John Strawson chap so I asked him on the Just Peace list if he ran for the World Zionist Congress elections. He didn't answer which made me think it must be true. A google search of the words "John Srawson zionism and Meretz" seems to confirm it too.

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