November 27, 2006

The Dershowitz letters

I haven't looked at Norman Finkelstein's site for a while but a friend of mine told me that the Dershowitz letters saga has hotted up again. This is where Alan Dershowitz has denied that he tried to get Finkelstein's book, Beyond Chutzpah, banned from publication:
In a Jerusalem Post column attacking Ben-Gurion University professor Neve Gordon, Alan Dershowitz wrote this:

A case in point is Dr. Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University , who has defamed so many people, as well as the nation of Israel . He also recently defamed me by saying that I had tried to prevent the publication of Norman Finkelstein's latest anti-Zionist screed, Beyond Chutzpah. In fact, as I specifically wrote in my letters to Finkelstein's publishers - as Gordon knew, because I released the letters - "I have no interest in censoring or suppressing Finkelstein’s freedom of expression." ( 8 November 2006)

It is simple to resolve definitively whether Dershowitz attempted to suppress publication of my book. Dershowitz alleges that he has "released the letters" he wrote my publisher. Not quite. He has never released the letters his lawyers at Cravath, Swaine & Moore wrote my publisher. He has never released the letter he wrote Governor Schwarzenegger. Readers interested in learning the truth should request these letters from Dershowitz: If what he's saying is true, Dershowitz has nothing to hide.

Please cc my web site a copy of your letter and his reply (if any).

That's cc Finkelstein's site, not mine.


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