November 05, 2006

Harry's Place saves my reputation!

Thanks to Reverend Lovejoy and one or two others, the zionist Harry's Place website has deleted some comments from a recent post on Saddam Hussein after someone used the name Mark Elf to post the following comment:
You lot will be gloating about this like all zionists. Those of us with a consistent anti-imperialist position remember that Saddam did great things, like hanging zionist spies in central Baghdad in 1969 - he was vice-President at the time, but was the man at any rate. He showed that to confront zionism you've got to have the bollocks to do it. Now he's paying for that with his life because the zionists who run the court have decided that's what has to happen. And now the zionists will trigger a civil war in Iraq. Meaning that instead of confronting zionism and driving out the zionists, Arabs and Muslims will be fighting each other, which is what the zionists want. And while they're doing that, zionists will further consolidate their hold on the globe. You lot are a bunch of zionists. I hate zionists, I really do. Every sentence I've written here contains a negative reference to zionists or zionism. The day is coming when zionism will be overthrown.
Posted by Mark Elf at November 5, 2006 01:55 PM
Google the name Mark Elf and you will see that there is an American jazz guitarist with the same name as me but I know I didn't post the comment and I doubt if he did. It took just five minutes for this chap John B no.2 to notice the comment wasn't very me-like.
Surely the HP moderators will remove the above libel comment. Of course its real author is not Mark Elf.
Posted by John B no2 at November 5, 2006 02:00 PM
Anyway, they did eventually but not before Reverend Lovejoy posted the following:
What would Mark Elf need to sue for libel? Proof that his reputation had been damaged.

Well he's certainly gone down in my estimation
Posted by Reverend Lovejoy at November 5, 2006 02:14 PM
which at the time of writing is still in place.

Thanks for that Reverend. You're a saint sir!


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