November 11, 2006

Is Perdition an insult?

Here's an article from today's (well, yesterday's) Jewish Chronicle on the proposed showing of the play Perdition which is based on a chapter from Lenni Brenner's book Zionism in the Age of the Dictators:
Anti-Zionist play an ‘insult’
By Racehel Fletcher
PLANS for Scottish performances of a play about Zionist collaboration with the Nazis in the week of Holocaust Memorial Day have been condemned by local Jewish leaders as “a deliberate insult to all who perished.”

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign intends to stage “Perdition,” by the late Jim Allen, in Edinburgh and Glasgow, declaring that “the only way to pay tribute to the Holocaust is to understand what actually happened and what lessons we can learn from it.”

However, Scottish Council of Jewish Communities director Ephraim Borowski accused the SPSC of “aligning itself with Iran, Hamas and Hizbollah, whose leaders are on record as seeking to wipe Israel, and indeed all Jews, off the face of the earth.

“The thesis [of ‘Perdition’] is that those threatened with annihilation by the Nazis deserve condemnation for saving themselves and their families.”

Mr Borowski added that “any true supporter of peace and co-existence in the Middle East should honour the memories of victims of extremism.”

“Perdition” was inspired by a chapter in American author Lenni Brenner’s book, “Zionism in the Age of Dictators.” Mr Brenner is expected to attend a performance of the play and has invited Jewish historian Professor David Cesarani to a discussion about the play’s Zionist-Nazi relations. Professor Cesarani dismissed the move as a “publicity stunt.”

SPSC’s chairman Mick Napier rejected claims of insensitivity, arguing: “The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians cannot be understood without looking at the collapse of European civilisation in the 40s.”
Now if Holocaust Memorial Day is about understanding the holocaust, why do certain people who support the day, reject the idea of telling people about an example of zionist collaboration with the nazis? I wonder if such people want people to understand the general principles at all.


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