November 18, 2006

Meron on Grossman

This Grossman speech has taken on a life of its own. Now Meron Benvenisti has a piece in Ha'aretz about it. My posts are getting too long. I used to do short and pithy. Now I'm posting several sides of A4. I'm trying to select a paragraph from the article that conveys the maudlin pretentiousness of Grossman's "left" zionist speech. I know, I'll assume that people have read the speech already. Here's a good paragraph:
All this wailing, so stylish among the jabbering classes, comes in the wake of the last war. Not the hasty slide itself into an unnecessary war, not the brutal use of force against civilians, is the cause of the "deep crisis." Rather, it is the "failures of the management of the war." In this, the left joins those lamenting the loss of deterrent capability and those who call for a removal of the shame of the failure and those responsible for it, and to prepare Israel for the next round of battles.
You'd better read the whole the whole thing.


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