November 09, 2006

Quick! Call Anthony Julius!

This is a job for Anthony Julius. Now the Chicago Tribune is giving vent to the notorious blood libel*:
BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip -- In the alley among the shell-damaged houses there were pools of blood and children's shoes.

Stunned men sat against the pockmarked walls, speechless, and a throng of grieving women overflowed from a nearby house.

A barrage of Israeli artillery shells that crashed into a crowded neighborhood killed at least 18 people in this town early Wednesday, eight of them children, and wounded dozens more, most from the same extended family. It was the highest number of Palestinian civilians killed in a single strike since fighting erupted between Israelis and Palestinians six years ago.
According to Engage, it's very important to read Anthony Julius's essay on the blood libel before accusing Israel of killing children. I wonder if Joel Greenberg of the Trib follows Engage.

I'm guessing there are many people who don't know what the blood libel against Jews was. It was the allegation that Jews killed children for their blood to make unleavened bread for the passover. It has nothing to do with the fact that Israel routinely kills children but it is now used to scare people away from stating that irrefutable fact. Of course these tactics will more likely cause antisemitism than stop it but why should the zionists at Engage worry about that?


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