December 02, 2006

Israel not nazi shock!

According to ynet, a French presidential candidate, Segolene Royal, has surprised a few people by saying that the Israeli occupation of south Lebanon was not like the nazis.
"The Nazism that spilled our blood and usurped our independence and sovereignty was no less wrong than the Nazism that occupied France," Ammar said, in comments translated from Arabic into French for reporters covering Royal's trip.

Royal had no immediate reaction to the comments on Friday, surprising some observers. She condemned them a day later, explaining that neither she nor the French ambassador to Lebanon had heard them at the time.
I don't know why such comments had to be condemned anyway but it gets worse:
She called the comments "unacceptable, abominable and hateful," and said she "Would have left the room" if she had heard them. Royal and her entourage had a different translator than the one provided for journalists.
Hateful? Leave the room? Does she leave rooms when Arabs are likened to nazis?


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