January 05, 2007

Deborah Maccoby responds to Atzmon on AMIN

Deborah Maccoby has responded to an attack on her by Gilad Atzmon on the AMIN - Arabic Media Internet Network - website. Atzmon's article is here and here's a taster:
It didn’t take long before Tribal Jewish activist Mark Elf, the man behind Jews Sans Frontieres joined forces with someone who critiques Goys habitually, Deborah Maccoby, in a total dismissal of the entire Christian religious narrative. Seemingly, some ethnic Jewish campaigners indeed lack Frontiers, they even lack a minimal tolerance towards other people’s beliefs.
Here's the final paragraph of Deborah Maccoby's response:
No doubt Atzmon will present this article as yet another vicious "defamation" of him by a "Jewish Gatekeeper". He will claim I and other practitioners of "Jewish Power" - ie the Jewish world conspiracy – are trying to silence him and his allies. But we're not trying to silence them; we simply want to reply to their attacks and defend ourselves. Our very efforts to defend ourselves become, in their twisted and deluded thinking, proof of our sinister "Jewish Power". I will end by asking readers of both articles to decide who is doing the defaming, and I appeal to Palestinians and their supporters to resist this attempt to divide and undermine the Palestinian solidarity movement from within.
I'm glad that AMIN had the decency and the sense to publish Deborah's reply. Atzmon may actually believe he is hurting Jews with his absurd antics but most Jews think he's a joke and what's worse is that zionists are laughing the loudest.


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